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Vendor CP; Part 86031-S2A-013; Name Protector, R Soft Top Roof A - 86031-S2A-003 for 2009 Honda S2000 COUPE, BASE, 6 Speed Manual

HondaProtector, R Soft Top Roof A, 86031-S2A-013
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number:  86031-S2A-013
  • Part: Protector, R Soft Top Roof A
  • Replaces: 86031-S2A-003
  • Price: $18.62

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2000HondaS2000 COUPE6 Speed ManualS2000
2001HondaS2000 COUPE6 Speed ManualS2000
2002HondaS2000 COUPE6 Speed ManualS2000
2003HondaS2000 COUPE6 Speed ManualS2000
2004HondaS2000 COUPE6 Speed ManualS2000
2005HondaS2000 COUPE6 Speed ManualS2000
2006HondaS2000 COUPE6 Speed ManualS2000
2007HondaS2000 COUPE6 Speed ManualS2000
2008HondaS2000 COUPE6 Speed ManualBASE
2009HondaS2000 COUPE6 Speed ManualBASE

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CPAA74115-T0A-A02 + Protector, R Front Wheel Arch$35.27
CPAD74810-T0A-A02 + Switch Assembly, Tailgate Opener$39.72
CPA118307-T0A-A03 + Muffler, Ex$345.65
CPAS82214-T0A-A01ZA + Strap, Rear Headrest *YR400L* (Sienna Beige)$6.47
CPAJ74604-T0G-A01 + Cover Assembly, R Middle Floor (Lower)$81.60
CPAX84101-T0A-A02ZA + Garnish Assembly, R Front Pillar *YR416L* (Max Ivory)$14.63
CPA952441-T0B-A03 + Spring, Rear$91.46
CPAU82612-T0A-A02 + Foot, L Rear Seat$409.00
CPAI76620-T0A-A02 + Blade, Windshield Wiper (650MM)$29.66
CPAO78800-SJC-A83 + Module, R Side Curt Ab$670.37
CPA648900-R7L-033 + Motor Assembly (Mitsuba)$226.77
CPA004815-T0G-A00ZC + Cover Set, L Trim *NH828L* (Side Airbag) (Urban Gray)$342.63
CPAT82220-T0A-A03 + Lock, R Rear Seat$83.37
CPAZ04811-T0G-A00ZC + Cover Set, R Trim *NH828L* (Side Airbag) (Urban Gray)$342.63
CPAV83161-T0A-A03ZC + Lining Assembly, L Cowl Side *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$10.50
CPAN77960-T0A-A11 + SRS Unit (Trw)$476.83
CPAG76255-T0A-A12 + Housing Set, L$15.37
CPAC74614-T0G-A01 + Cover Assembly, L Middle Floor (Lower)$81.60
CPAP79115-T0G-A01 + Core Sub-Assembly, Heater$92.22
CPAY84520-T0G-A01ZA + Lid Assembly, Cargo Floor *NH781L* (Mocha Gray)$193.48
CPA235855-S2A-505 + Bulb (14V 0.56W)$5.17
CPAF76258-T0A-A22 + Mirror Sub-Assembly, L Door (R.C.)(Heated)$237.81
CPAQ81526-T0A-L82 + Frame, L Front Seat$966.74
CPAE76203-T0A-C01 + Mirror Sub-Assembly, R (R1000) (Heated)$30.38
CPAH76630-T0A-A02 + Blade, Windshield Wiper (400MM)$22.45
CPAR82212-T0A-A02 + Foot, R Rear Seat$364.82
CPA546101-T0B-315 + Master Cylinder Set (Coo)$267.85
CPA852441-T0A-A02 + Spring, Rear$91.46
CPA751220-S84-305 + Joint, Front Ball (Lower) (Musashi)$25.42
CPAL77270-T0A-A02ZA + Panel Assembly, Escutcheon *NH683L* (Neutral Shine Silver)$25.63
CPA339542-T0A-A02 + Navigation Unit (Mitsubishi)$4,196.71
CPAM77900-T0A-A13 + Reel Assembly, Cable$31.91
CPAW83200-T0G-A51ZA + Lining Assembly, Roof *YR416L* (Sunroof) (Max Ivory)$462.28
CPA440441-R7L-010 + Flange, Companion$36.43
CPAB74440-T0A-A02 + Weatherstrip, Tailgate$63.13
CPAK77240-T0A-A01ZC + Visor Assembly, Center *NH781L* (Mocha Gray)$125.73
CPDA72335-T2F-A01 + Weatherstrip, R Front Door (Inner)$18.64
CPDD72710-T2A-A02 + Regulator Assembly, R Rear Door Power$266.25
CPD181526-T2F-A32 + Frame, L Front Seat$785.57
CPDS77960-T2A-A02 + SRS Unit (Continental)(Rewritable)$467.57
CPDJ74180-T2A-A01 + Bar, Front Tower$53.15
CPDX81143-T2F-A01ZA + Guide, Headrest *YR449L* (Cashmere Ivory)$9.76
CPD983280-T2F-A52ZA + Sun-visor Assembly, L *YR449L* (Mirror) (Cashmere Ivory)$78.82
CPDU81126-T2F-A42 + Frame, R Front Seat$669.74
CPDI74145-T2G-405 + Dumper Assembly, R Hood Opener (Coo)$52.42
CPDO77297-T2F-A02ZA + Panel Assembly, Console *NH863L* (Graphite Gun Metallic)$95.25
CPD682150-T2F-A42ZD + Seat-Back Assembly, R Rear Side *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$177.35
CPD081531-T2F-A52ZC + Cover, L Front Seat Cushion Trim *YR449L* (Leather) (Cashmere Ivory)$239.98
CPDT81121-T2F-A42ZB + Cover, R Front Seat-Back Trim *NH836L* (Leather) (Wisteria Light Gray)$392.04
CPDZ81521-T2F-A52ZC + Cover, L Front Seat-Back Trim *YR449L* (Leather) (Cashmere Ivory)$392.04
CPDV81140-T2F-A42ZA + Headrest Assembly, Front *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$148.49
CPDN77100-T2F-A00ZA + Panel, Instrument *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$580.03
CPDG73150-T2F-A01 + Molding, Front Windshield$15.96
CPDC72650-TK8-A12 + Latch Assembly, L Slide Door (Power)$219.36
CPDP77810-T2A-A81ZA + Module Assembly, Driver *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$819.68
CPDY81144-T2F-A01ZA + Guide, R Headrest Lock *YR449L* (Cashmere Ivory)$9.76
CPD281650-T2F-A52ZA + Switch Assembly, L Power Seat *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$160.44
CPDF73111-T2F-A11 + Glass Set, Front Windshield (Green)(AGC)$669.30
CPDQ77820-T2A-A71 + Module Assembly, Passenger$924.37
CPDE72750-TK8-A02 + Regulator Assembly, L Rear Door Power$112.21
CPDH73400-T2F-A00 + Glass Assembly, R Rear Door (Green)(Pgw)$187.72
CPDR77901-T2A-J01 + Sub-Wire, Cable Reel$22.14
CPD582180-T2F-A21ZA + Armrest Assembly, Rear Seat Center*YR449L* (Cashmere Ivory)$124.59
CPD883111-T2F-A11ZB + Lining Assembly, R Cowl Side *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$9.37
CPD782620-T2F-013 + Lock Assembly, L Rear Seat$13.50
CPDL74520-T2F-A00 + Cover Assembly, R Middle Floor (Lower)$33.90
CPD382121-T2F-A42ZC + Cover, Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$451.83
CPDM75450-T2A-A01 + Outlet Assembly, Rear Air$7.41
CPDW81140-T2F-A21ZB + Headrest Assembly, Front *NH836L* (Wisteria Light Gray)$88.49
CPD482140-T2F-A41ZD + Headrest Assembly, Rear *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$148.41
CPDB72640-S04-J01YV + Handle As*NH623M*$73.88
CPDK74219-T2F-A00 + Cowl Top Assembly (B)$103.01
CP1A44310-S9A-305 + Joint, Inboard$362.10
CP1D44310-SK7-J12 + Joint, Inboard$345.07
CP1144732-S2A-921 + Cap Assembly, Aluminum Wheel Center$46.54
CP1S44600-S5D-A00 + Hub Assembly, Front (14")$187.79
CP1J44319-SA2-000 + Set-Ring (26X1.8)$3.36
CP1X44732-SF1-933 + Cap Assembly, Aluminum$48.19
CP1944733-SDA-A20 + Trim, Wheel (15")$34.13
CP1U44732-S0X-A01 + Cap, Aluminum Wheel Center$12.77
CP1I44327-SV4-305 + Band, Joint Boot (Double Rolled Band)$10.11
CP1O44351-SM4-982 + Weight, Dynamic Damper (Hokushin)$32.68
CP1644733-SE0-981 + Trim, R Wheel (14") (Cape Silver Metallic)$35.88
CP1044732-SX0-J01 + Cap, Aluminum Wheel Center$35.11
CP1T44732-S3Y-010 + Cap, Aluminum Wheel Center$52.08
CP1Z44732-SS0-A00 + Cap, Aluminum Wheel Center$39.40
CP1V44732-S5P-A01 + Cap, Aluminum Wheel Center$11.72
CP1N44333-SM1-A03 + Boot, Outboard (Nok)$18.65
CP1G44315-SB2-003 + Boot, Inboard (Nok)$16.11
CP1C44310-SE0-J20 + Joint, Inboard$293.08
CP1P44500-SCV-A10 + Shaft Assembly, Half (AT)$307.25
CP1Y44732-SM4-J02 + Cap Assembly, Wheel Trim Center *NH95MZ* (Blade Silver Metallic-Z)$50.37
CP1244733-S01-A20 + Trim, Wheel (14")$42.90
CP1F44315-SA5-003 + Boot B (For L Drive Shaft)$15.74
CP1Q44600-S04-980 + Hub Assembly, Front$132.52
CP1E44310-SNE-A22 + Joint, Inboard$146.52
CP1H44315-SB2-961 + Boot, Inboard (Denso)$15.30
CP1R44600-S87-A00 + Hub Assembly, Front$89.80
CP1544733-S5D-A40 + Trim, Wheel (15")$40.32
CP1844733-SH3-004 + Trim, Wheel (13") (Moriroku) (Blade Silver Metallic)$51.81
CP1744733-SDA-A10 + Trim, Wheel (15")$32.12
CP1L44327-SDA-A11 + Band B, Drive Shaft (Oetiker Limited)$3.53
CP1344733-S01-A10 + Trim, Wheel (14")$41.42
CP1M44327-SX0-C02 + Band, Outboard Boot (Nippon Hatsujo)$10.22
CP1W44732-S9V-A23 + Cap, Wheel Center$59.28
CP1444733-S01-A00 + Trim, Wheel (14")$50.95
CP1B44310-SFA-J00 + Joint, Inboard$312.68
CP1K44319-S84-300 + Set-Ring (28X2.0)$2.39