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Part 85269-SH3-003 CM, Stud, Ball, replace 85269-SA0-013, 85269-SA0-023, 85269-SF4-003 for 2007 Honda ACCORD COUPE, EXV6, EXV6 (NAVI), LXV6, 5 Speed Automatic, 6 Speed Manual

HondaStud, Ball, 85269-SH3-003
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number:  85269-SH3-003
  • Part: Stud, Ball
  • Replaces: 85269-SA0-013, 85269-SA0-023, 85269-SF4-003
  • Price: $6.82

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
1998HondaACCORD SEDAN4 Speed AutomaticEXV6, LXV6
1999HondaACCORD SEDAN4 Speed AutomaticEXV6, LXV6
2000HondaACCORD SEDAN4 Speed AutomaticEXV6, LXV6
2001HondaACCORD SEDAN4 Speed AutomaticEXV6, LXV6
2002HondaACCORD SEDAN4 Speed AutomaticEX (V6), LX (V6)
2003HondaACCORD SEDAN5 Speed AutomaticEX (V6 NAVI), EX (V6), LX (V6)
2004HondaACCORD SEDAN5 Speed AutomaticEX (V6 NAVI), EX (V6), LX (V6)
2005HondaACCORD SEDAN5 Speed AutomaticEX (V6 NAVI), EX (V6), LX (V6)
2006HondaACCORD SEDAN5 Speed Automatic, 6 Speed ManualEX (V6 NAVI), EX (V6), LX (V6)
2007HondaACCORD SEDAN5 Speed Automatic, 6 Speed ManualEX (V6 NAVI), EX (V6), LX (V6), SE (V6)
1998HondaACCORD COUPE4 Speed AutomaticEX (V6), LX (V6)
1999HondaACCORD COUPE4 Speed AutomaticEX (V6), LX (V6)
2000HondaACCORD COUPE4 Speed AutomaticEX (V6), LX (V6)
2001HondaACCORD COUPE4 Speed AutomaticEX (V6), LX (V6)
2002HondaACCORD COUPE4 Speed AutomaticEX (V6), LX (V6)
2003HondaACCORD COUPE5 Speed Automatic, 6 Speed ManualEX (V6 NAVI), EX (V6), LX (V6)
2004HondaACCORD COUPE5 Speed Automatic, 6 Speed ManualEX (V6 NAVI), EX (V6), LX (V6)
2005HondaACCORD COUPE5 Speed Automatic, 6 Speed ManualEX (V6 NAVI), EX (V6), LX (V6), SE (V6)
2006HondaACCORD COUPE5 Speed Automatic, 6 Speed ManualEX (V6 NAVI), EX (V6), LX (V6)
2007HondaACCORD COUPE5 Speed Automatic, 6 Speed ManualEXV6, EXV6 (NAVI), LXV6

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CMAC72210-SCV-A03 + Regulator Assembly, R Front Door Power$127.21
CMAP74150-TK6-A52 + Fender Assembly, L Front (Inner)$63.14
CMAY83301-TM8-C02ZA + Carpet Assembly, Floor *NH686L* (Warm Gray)$645.23
CMA260400-S10-A02ZZ + Bulkhead, Front$417.60
CMAF82638-TK8-A01ZB + Cover, L Rear Seat Reclining (Outer) *NH767L* (Truffle)$8.58
CMAQ74101-S6A-000 + Fender, R Front Inn$48.41
CMAE82238-TK8-A01ZB + Cover, R Rear Seat Reclining (Outer) *NH767L* (Truffle)$8.58
CMAH38900-RB7-Z54 + Clutch Set, Compressor$243.78
CMAR74830-TF0-010 + Cable, Tailgate Opener$16.99
CMA572868-TK8-A03 + Weatherstrip, L Slide Door (Lower)$15.43
CMA81D070-RCJ-306RM + Ima Battery Assembly (RMD)$3,342.82
CMA779308-SNA-A01 + Joint Set, Duct$8.02
CMAL61500-TK6-A01ZZ + Dashboard (Lower)$434.96
CMA368100-TK6-A71ZZ + Tailgate (DOT)$555.43
CMAM64300-TK6-306ZZ + Panel, R Rear Inside$513.71
CMAW79310-S0A-305 + Motor Assembly, Fan$262.30
CMA41K080-RCJ-425 + Control Unit$2,169.82
CMAB51300-S9A-305 + Spring, Front$166.36
CMAK66100-TK6-315ZZ + Panel, Rear$225.35
CMDA01465-TR7-A03 + Hose Set, L Front Brake$20.37
CMDD44306-TR4-A94 + Drive Shaft Assembly, L$185.63
CMD104641-SZA-A02ZZ + Panel, L Side Sill$526.15
CMDS35100-S9V-305 + Lock Assembly, Steering$325.56
CMDJ82622-TP6-A01ZC + Lever, L Rear Seat *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$15.76
CMDX71530-SXS-A00ZZ + Beam, Rear Bumper$190.90
CMD939546-TP6-A03 + Navigation Unit (DVD) (Alpine)$2,697.75
CMDU44310-SWA-306 + Joint, Inboard$311.49
CMDI80221-TS8-A02 + Valve Assembly, Expansion$83.52
CMDO50200-SNC-A51 + Sub-Frame, Front$953.56
CMD635750-SJC-A04ZA + Switch *NH574L*$172.27
CMD079630-TP6-A11ZA + Switch Assembly, Auto Air Conditioner *NH699L* (Neutral Mat Gun Metallic)$254.56
CMDT44306-SDC-A01 + Drive Shaft Assembly, L$485.09
CMDZ79620-TP6-A11ZA + Switch Assembly, Auto Air Conditioner *NH699L* (Neutral Mat Gun Metallic)$381.69
CMDV51688-TR0-C01 + Seat, Front Spring (Upper)$6.62
CMDN37820-RX0-A05 + Control Module, Engine (Rewritable)$449.39
CMDG50200-TR7-A81 + Sub-Frame, Front$884.54
CMDC35755-S03-A01ZC + Switch Assembly, Power Window Master *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$197.30
CMDP57110-TS8-347 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa$959.53
CMDY77975-STX-A01 + Sensor Assembly, Satellite Safing(Denso)$37.99
CMD204864-SZA-A02ZA + Outer Set, Center Seat Belt *NH220L* (Clear Gray)$101.62
CMDF45022-TR7-A01 + Pad Set, Front$56.22
CMDQ78050-TR6-A72 + Module Assembly, R Side$436.40
CMDE45018-TR7-A01 + Caliper Sub-Assembly, R Front$325.20
CMDH78100-TR7-A02 + Meter Assembly, Combination$250.24
CMDR8-97136-329-1 + Seat, Spring (Upper)$3.70
CMD533900-T0A-A01 + Fog Light Assembly, Front$148.08
CMD839107-SZA-A73 + Tuner Assembly$4,750.78
CMD736531-5G0-A11 + Sensor, Front Laf$176.70
CMDL1J820-PHM-505 + Fan, Battery Cooling$136.77
CMD304869-SZA-A03ZA + Outer Set, Center Seat Belt *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$101.62
CMDM35754-SDA-408 + Switch Assembly$206.98
CMDW56110-PNB-306 + Pump Sub-Assembly, P.S$749.95
CMD430521-PWA-S01 + Coil Assembly B, Plug$114.57
CMDB01464-TR7-A03 + Hose Set, R Front Brake$20.37
CMDK84500-TR7-A32ZA + Tray Assembly, Rear *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$162.36
CM1A38385-S9A-A01 + Receiver Unit, Keyless Entry$175.97
CM1D38423-SA6-941 + Nut, Special (18MM)$5.58
CM1138800-S0X-A22 + System Unit, Multi Plex Control (Driver Side)$99.84
CM1S38615-PCX-010 + Shroud$64.85
CM1J38513-SB0-961 + Cap, Washer Mouth (Mitsuba)$7.45
CM1X19030-PNA-003 + Motor, Cooling Fan$261.23
CM1938838-PEA-003 + Valve, Suction Service$108.41
CM1U38615-PM5-A61 + Shroud, Air Conditioner$62.85
CM1I76807-SE4-A02 + Gasket (T-Type) (Denso)$6.95
CM1O38609-SA5-000 + Collar, Distance$3.15
CM1638810-P1E-003 + Compressor (Denso)$571.99
CM1038800-PK2-034 + Compressor Assembly (Matsushita)$424.12
CM1T38615-PNF-E01 + Shroud, Air Conditioner$74.71
CM1Z38619-PM3-010 + Protector, Fan Motor$6.34
CM1V38616-PT3-A03 + Motor, Cooling Fan (Mitsuba)$255.81
CM1N76810-SR0-004 + Nozzle, R Windshield Washer$6.79
CM1G38472-SB3-305 + Rubber (475MM)$5.48
CM1C38387-SA6-004 + Actuator, R Rear Door Lock (Hitachi)$93.01
CM1P38611-PMM-A01 + Fan, Cooling (Mitsuba)$30.20
CM1Y38619-PMM-A00 + Protector, Fan Motor$15.98
CM1238800-S82-A02 + System Unit, Multiplex Control(Driver Side)$358.72
CM1F38472-SB2-305 + Rubber, Blade (450MM) (Passenger Side)$5.48
CM1Q38611-PNA-003 + Fan, Cooling (Natural) (Denso)$41.37
CM1E38450-SB3-305 + Blade, Rear Windshield Wiper$16.50
CM1H38519-SB0-003 + Bush, Washer Tank (Mitsuba)$4.80
CM1R38615-PMM-C11 + Shroud, Air Conditioner$42.29
CM1538810-P2F-A01 + Compressor (Sanden)$623.24
CM1838810-RCJ-A03 + Compressor$1,012.56
CM1738810-PCX-016 + Compressor (Keihin)$600.24
CM1L38516-SA0-671 + Gasket (Parallel Type) (Mitsuba)$2.02
CM1338800-S84-A04 + System Unit, Multiplex Control(Driver Side) (Oki)$176.17
CM1M38512-SC4-673 + Motor, Washer (Denso)$54.54
CM1W38616-PMM-A01 + Motor, Cooling Fan (Mitsuba)$204.68
CM1438801-P9K-E01 + Valve Sub-Assembly, Safety$52.35
CM1B38385-SA6-004 + Actuator, R Front Door Lock (Hitachi)$93.01
CM1K38512-SF0-J01 + Motor, Washer (Mitsuba)$32.66