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89320-SL0-003 C4 Bar, Jack is a genuine part 89320-SE3-003, 89320-SE5-A00 for 1997 Honda ACCORD SEDAN, LX, 4 Speed Automatic

HondaBar, Jack, 89320-SL0-003
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number:  89320-SL0-003
  • Part: Bar, Jack
  • Replaces: 89320-SE3-003, 89320-SE5-A00
  • Price: $22.65

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
1993HondaPRELUDE COUPE4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualS, SI, SI (4WS), SIVTEC
1997HondaPRELUDE COUPE4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualBASE, TYPESH
1998HondaPRELUDE COUPE4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualBASE, TYPESH
1996HondaODYSSEY 5-DOOR4 Speed AutomaticLX (6 SEATS), LX (7 SEATS (3PB))
1997HondaODYSSEY 5-DOOR4 Speed AutomaticEX
1998HondaODYSSEY 5-DOOR4 Speed AutomaticEX, LX (6 SEATS), LX (7 SEATS (3PB))
1992HondaCIVIC SEDAN4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualDX, EX (ABS), LX
1993HondaCIVIC SEDAN4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualDX, EX (ABS), LX
1994HondaCIVIC SEDAN4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualDX, EX (ABS), LX, LX (ABS)
1995HondaCIVIC SEDAN4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualDX, EX (ABS), LX, LX (ABS)
1997HondaCIVIC SEDAN4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualDX, EX, LX (A/C)
1998HondaCIVIC SEDAN4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualDX, EX, LX
1996HondaCIVIC HATCHBACK4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualCX, DX
1997HondaCIVIC HATCHBACK4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualCX, DX
1998HondaCIVIC HATCHBACK4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualCX, DX
1999HondaCIVIC HATCHBACK4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualCX, DX
2000HondaCIVIC HATCHBACK4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualCX, DX
1992HondaACCORD SEDAN4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualDX, EX, LX
1993HondaACCORD SEDAN4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualDX, EX, LX, SE
1997HondaACCORD SEDAN4 Speed AutomaticLX

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
C4AA50830-SDP-A13 + Rubber Assembly, Front Engine Mounting (Mt)$252.20
C4AD50830-STW-A02 + Rubber, Front Engine Mounting (Acm)$263.63
C4A151210-S9A-982 + Knuckle, R Front (ABS)$217.67
C4AS50860-SDA-A12 + Rubber, Rear Transmission Mounting (Lower) (Mt)$28.20
C4AJ50841-SR3-984 + Rubber, R Front Stopper Insulator (AT)$70.05
C4AX51210-S10-A10 + Knuckle, R Front (ABS)$313.90
C4A951220-SNA-A03 + Joint, R Front Ball (Lower)$52.08
C4AU50880-SNA-A82 + Rod, Torque (Upper)$53.53
C4AI50841-SR3-030 + Rubber, R Front Stopper Insulator (Mt)$60.39
C4AO50850-SNE-A01 + Rubber Assembly, Transmission Mounting$137.36
C4A651211-S0X-A01 + Knuckle, R Front$214.69
C4A051210-S4K-A00 + Knuckle, R Front$282.58
C4AT50860-SDB-A01 + Mtg Rub Rear, Transmission L$19.59
C4AZ51210-S5A-J10 + Knuckle, R Front$440.85
C4AV50890-SNA-A82 + Rod, Torque (Lower)$48.77
C4AN50850-SDR-A03 + Rubber, Front Transmission Mounting (Lower)$246.66
C4AG50840-S7C-980 + Stopper, Front Engine$82.14
C4AC50830-SM4-A81 + Rod Assembly, Torque (AT)$176.43
C4AP50870-SDA-A02 + Rubber, Transmission Mounting (Upper)$54.54
C4AY51210-S30-902 + Knuckle, R Front (ABS)$291.07
C4A251210-SB0-954 + Knuckle, R Front (ABS)$131.51
C4AF50840-S84-305 + Stopper, Front Engine$52.63
C4AQ50860-SDA-A02 + Rubber, Rear Transmission Mounting (Lower) (AT)$50.18
C4AE50840-S6M-010 + Stopper, Front Engine$135.76
C4AH50840-S5A-A81 + Stopper, Front Engine$69.17
C4AR50870-SDB-A02 + Rubber, Transmission Mounting (Upper)$52.66
C4A551211-SHJ-A01 + Knuckle, R Front$405.21
C4A851220-SK7-013 + Joint, Ball (Lower) (Musashi)$68.31
C4A751220-S04-003 + Joint, Ball (Lower) (Musashi)$63.44
C4AL50843-S04-000 + Bracket, R Front Stopper (Mt)$60.04
C4A351210-SDA-A02 + Knuckle, R Front$479.89
C4AM50842-SR3-030 + Rubber, L Front Stopper Insulator (Mt)$70.05
C4AW51210-S04-980 + Knuckle, R Front (ABS)$333.50
C4A451210-SV4-J52 + Knuckle, R Front (ABS)$274.10
C4AB50830-SDA-A04 + Rubber Assembly, Front Engine Mounting (AT)$149.27
C4AK50842-SR3-984 + Rubber, L Front Stopper Insulator (AT)$70.05
C4DA52300-S9A-801 + Spring, Rear Stabilizer$88.94
C4DD52300-SDA-A01 + Spring, Rear Stabilizer$81.50
C4D152371-S0X-A01 + Arm Assembly, R Rear Trailing$75.96
C4DS52360-S84-A01 + Arm, Rear Control$194.28
C4DJ52317-SS0-010 + Bracket, R Rear Stabilizer$17.97
C4DX52370-S5A-A23 + Trailing Arm R Rear$250.74
C4D952390-S5D-901 + Arm, Rear (Upper) (ABS)$128.35
C4DU52365-S5A-802 + Bush A, Rear Arm (Lower) (Outer)$19.42
C4DI52306-S5D-003 + Bush, Stabilizer Holder$5.75
C4DO52341-S04-A00 + Arm, Rear Compensator$39.75
C4D652390-S2A-J02 + Arm, R Rear (Upper)$266.97
C4D052370-S10-A12 + Arm, R Rear Trailing (ABS)$390.33
C4DT52364-634-020 + Washer, Arm (Lower)$4.87
C4DZ52370-S84-A31 + Arm, R Rear Trailing (Drum)$142.93
C4DV52365-S6M-004 + Bush, Rear Arm (Lower) (Outer)$16.01
C4DN52320-SJC-A03 + Link, R Rear Stabilizer$18.83
C4DG52300-SV1-A01 + Spring, Rear Stabilizer (Rockwell)$196.33
C4DC52300-SB3-305 + Stabilizer Assembly, Rear (Nippon Hatsujo)$86.03
C4DP52343-SR3-004 + Bush, Compensator (Yamashita)$18.92
C4DY52370-S5A-A04 + Arm Comp, R.Rear.Tr$291.58
C4D252371-SH5-A17 + Arm, L Rear Trailing$151.01
C4DF52300-SM1-A01 + Spring, Rear Stabilizer$74.07
C4DQ52345-S0X-A01 + Arm A, Rear (Lower)$55.42
C4DE52300-SVA-A01 + Spring, Rear Stabilizer$40.32
C4DH52303-SH3-020 + Link, Stabilizer$26.36
C4DR52350-SM5-A21 + Arm A, L Rear (Lower)$58.30
C4D552388-SM4-961 + Plate, Cam$2.96
C4D852388-SZ3-000 + Plate, Cam$2.81
C4D752390-S0X-A02 + Arm, R Rear (Upper)$136.12
C4DL52318-SR3-010 + Bracket, L Rear Stabilizer$16.75
C4D352380-S84-A01 + Arm, Rear Leading$47.74
C4DM52320-S3V-023 + Link, R Rear Stabilizer$27.16
C4DW52370-S04-G81 + Arm, R Rear Trailing (Drum)$307.32
C4D452372-SV7-305 + Arm Assembly, L Rear Trailing$231.14
C4DB52300-S9A-004 + Spring, Rear Stabilizer$103.28
C4DK52318-SNA-A01 + Bracket, L Rear Stabilizer$7.02
C41A77466-S3Y-000 + Seal, Front Instrument$13.13
C41D77133-S9A-A01ZD + Guide, Hand Brake *YR239L* (Ivory)$6.62
C41177251-S9A-A01ZA + Panel Assembly, Center *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$94.28
C41S77235-S84-A01 + Latch (G-Sensor)$7.22
C41J81117-S47-003 + Bush, Nylon (Ts Tech)$2.61
C41X77250-S6D-G21ZB + Panel, Center *NH442L*$125.99
C41977299-SDA-A11ZA + Holder, Center *NH482L* (Black Metallic)$144.94
C41U77237-SW5-A01ZH + Sub-Holder *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$20.70
C41I77205-SS0-020ZB + Lid, R Front Speaker *NH188L* (Real Black)$49.97
C41O77623-S9V-A02ZA + Outlet *G59L* (Medium Fern)$58.05
C41677294-SDA-A80ZD + Panel, Front *NH633L* (Carbon)$422.53
C41077251-S5A-A02ZA + Case Assembly, L Center Outlet *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$95.46
C41T77236-S10-G12 + Base$53.89
C41Z77251-S01-A01ZA + Panel Assembly, Center *NH1L* (Black)$377.44
C41V77240-S0X-A00ZA + Lid Assembly, Audio Hole *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$27.75
C41N77220-S9V-A02ZD + Panel Assembly, Driver *G59L* (Medium Fern)$44.36
C41G77151-SH5-A01 + Frame, Front Console Instrument Center$22.85
C41C77132-SJC-A02ZB + Lid Assembly, R Speaker *NH607L*(Std) (Dark Gray)$36.00
C41P77230-S01-A03ZA + Holder Assembly, Cup *NH1L* (Black)$48.37
C41Y77250-SWA-A12ZA + Garnish *NH644L*$51.75
C41277275-S5T-A02ZA + Boot, Change Lever *NH451L* (Charcoal Black)$128.84
C41F77134-SX0-A01ZB + Grille, R Speaker *NH264L* (Classy Gray)$19.31
C41Q77230-S2A-013ZA + Cup Holder *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$43.12
C41E77136-S9A-A01ZB + Lid Assembly, L Tweeter *YR202L*(W/O Tweeter) (Dark Saddle)$12.62
C41H77200-SM2-A71ZA + Panel Assembly, Center *NH1L* (Black)$212.67
C41R77230-SM4-G00 + Lid Assembly, Audio Hole$23.92
C41577280-SDA-A14ZA + Pocket Assembly, Center *NH482L* (Black Metallic)$96.63
C41877298-S0X-003 + Box Assembly, Center Pocket$30.61
C41777294-SH3-A01ZD + Console, Front (Lower) *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$70.43
C41L77215-S9A-003ZA + Lid, L Instrument Side *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$7.50
C41377280-S5A-A01ZA + Pocket Assembly, Auto Radio *NH365L* (Black Metallic)$82.80
C41M77215-SV4-A01ZA + Cover, Instrument *G38L* (Passenger Side) (Jade Green)$28.01
C41W77250-S5A-A02ZA + Panel Assembly, Center *NH365L* (Black Metallic)$302.90
C41477280-SDA-A04ZA + Pocket Assembly, Center *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$96.63
C41B77120-S9V-A01ZZ + Frame Set, Instrument$236.46
C41K77210-S9A-003ZA + Lid, R Instrument Side *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$7.50