Face, Rear Bumper - AI 84111-SA5-662ZZ - Honda ACCORD HATCHBACK

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Genuine Factory, AI Part Number: 84111-SA5-662ZZ, 84011-SA5-660ZZ, 84111-SA5-661, 84111-SA5-661ZZ for 1985 Honda ACCORD HATCHBACK, LX, 4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed Manual

HondaFace, Rear Bumper, 84111-SA5-662ZZ
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number:  84111-SA5-662ZZ
  • Part: Face, Rear Bumper
  • Replaces: 84011-SA5-660ZZ, 84111-SA5-661, 84111-SA5-661ZZ
  • Price: $151.47

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
1984HondaACCORD HATCHBACK4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualLX
1985HondaACCORD HATCHBACK4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualLX

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AIAD06770-SR4-A82ZH + Airbag Assembly, Inflator *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$714.17
AIA108170-SF1A0-07 + Bulb (55W H-3)$4.53
AIAS77820-SJC-A30ZA + Set, As Mo*NH574L*$304.47
AIAJ06780-S01-A91ZB + Airbag Assembly, Passenger *YR164L* (Morton) (Medium Taupe)$779.71
AIAX06783-SDA-A71 + Kit, Side Module R$355.39
AIA908P05-SWA-111 + Molding, Body Side *NH578* (Taffeta White)$213.42
AIAU06783-S0X-A72 + Module Kit, R Side Airbag$355.39
AIAI06772-SX0-A70 + Kit, Unit SRS$736.81
AIAO06780-S9A-A20ZA + Kit, As Mo*NH167L*$1,427.95
AIA608F13-S30-0M110 + Lamp Assembly, Stop$122.65
AIA078055-SHJ-A80 + Module Assembly, L Side$355.39
AIAT06780-SR0-A81ZA + Airbag Assembly, Passenger Inflator *NH178L* (Excel Charcoal)$890.02
AIAZ78870-SHJ-A80 + Module Assembly, R Side Curtain Airbag$768.31
AIAV06783-SCV-A80 + Module Kit, R Side Airbag$355.39
AIAN06780-S82-A91ZC + Airbag Assembly, Passenger *YR164L* (Medium Taupe)$1,041.82
AIAG06772-S30-305 + SRS Unit Kit$686.84
AIAC06770-SV4-A90ZA + Airbag Assembly, Driver *NH1L* (Morton) (Black)$902.94
AIAP06780-S9V-A20ZC + Kit, As Mo*YR202L*$939.19
AIAY06783-SDA-A82 + Side Module.Assembly Kit, R$420.02
AIA208F01-SVA-111 + Spoiler, Front Under *NH578* (Taffeta White)$332.82
AIAF06770-SV4-A91ZA + Airbag Assembly, Driver *NH1L* (Morton) (Black)$902.94
AIAQ06780-S9V-A30ZC + Kit, As Mo*YR202L*$939.19
AIAE06770-SS0-A90ZB + Airbag Assembly, Inflator *NH167L* (Morton) (Graphite Black)$690.03
AIAH06772-SV7-A80 + SRS Unit Kit$736.81
AIAR06780-SDA-A20ZA + Kit, As Mo*NH167L*$939.19
AIA508F10-SDA-141 + Spoiler, Deck *B92P* (Nighthawk Black Pearl)$332.64
AIA808F23-SJC-102 + Trim, Bumper$501.45
AIA708F13-SDA-110A + Spoiler, Wing *NH578* (Taffeta White)$495.99
AIAL06780-S5A-A20ZB + Kit, As Mo*YR164L*$939.19
AIA308F03-SVA-180A + Spoiler, Rear Under *R513* (Rallye Red)$331.16
AIAM06780-S5A-A20ZC + Kit, As Mo*YR248L*$1,003.01
AIAW06783-S84-A81 + Module Kit, R Side Airbag$355.39
AIA408F04-SVA-171 + Spoiler, Side Under *B537M* (Neutron Blue Metallic)$561.15
AIAB06770-SDN-A91ZA + Airbag Assembly, Driver *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$832.94
AIAK06780-S0X-A20ZA + Kit, As Modu*G48L*$939.19
AIDA17012-S84-A01 + Valve Set, Solenoid (Made In Japan)$112.55
AIDD17040-S10-C20 + Pump Unit, Fuel$471.19
AID117048-SNC-L01 + Filter Set, Fuel$55.76
AIDS17045-SNC-L02 + Module Assembly, Fuel Pump$302.35
AIDJ17045-S0X-A32 + Module Assembly, Fuel Pump$299.58
AIDX17046-SHJ-A00 + Nut & Gasket Set, Fuel Lock$58.91
AID917130-RCA-A02 + Valve Assembly, PCV$23.91
AIDU17045-SJC-A01 + Module Assembly, Fuel Pump$387.30
AIDI17045-S0X-A02 + Module Assembly, Fuel Pump$304.84
AIDO17045-S9V-A00 + Module Assembly, Fuel Pump$338.61
AID617121-PNB-000 + Cover Assembly, Engine$72.69
AID006177-SHJ-305 + Kit, Fuel Strainer$47.27
AIDT17045-SWA-A01 + Module Assembly, Fuel Pump$299.15
AIDZ17048-SNA-A01 + Filter Set, Fuel$75.22
AIDV17045-SNA-A31 + Module Assembly, Fuel Pump$368.64
AIDN17044-SHJ-A31 + Tank Set, Fuel$1,590.49
AIDG17040-SV1-A32 + Pump Set, Fuel$267.23
AIDC17030-RDA-A03 + Manifold Sub-Assembly, In$514.97
AIDP17045-S9A-A30 + Module Assembly, Fuel Pump (Sakamoto)$325.60
AIDY17047-SHJ-A00 + Meter$149.91
AID217052-SHJ-A00 + Regulator Assembly, Pressure$102.11
AIDF17040-S84-A02 + Pump Set, Fuel$313.14
AIDQ17045-S5A-A31 + Module Assembly, Fuel Pump (Kautex)$279.67
AIDE17040-S02-L01 + Pump Set, Fuel$288.19
AIDH17044-SNE-A01 + Tank Set, Fuel$562.96
AIDR17045-S9A-A00 + Module Assembly, Fuel Pump (Sakamoto)$325.60
AID517115-PAA-A01 + Gasket, In Manifold (Gemstone)$5.93
AID817121-PVJ-A01 + Cover Assembly, In Manifold$53.91
AID717121-PNF-E00 + Cover Assembly, Engine$176.34
AIDL17044-SJC-A02 + Tank Set, Fuel$1,208.27
AID317100-P8A-A11 + Manifold, In$765.96
AIDM17044-SNC-L01 + Tank Set, Fuel$418.62
AIDW17046-S0X-A30 + Nut & Gasket Set, Fuel Lock (Kautex)$60.78
AID417100-RCA-A52 + Manifold, In$636.41
AIDB17040-S01-A31 + Pump Set, Fuel$345.53
AIDK17044-SWA-A01 + Tank, Fuel$467.78
AI1A64115-TA5-A00ZZ + Pillar, R Front (Inner)$484.08
AI1D64300-TE0-A01ZZ + Panel, R Rear Inside$1,253.13
AI1171123-TA5-A00 + Cover, Front Grille$26.06
AI1S68660-TA5-A00ZZ + Hinge, L Trunk$40.90
AI1J66500-TA0-J01ZZ + Shelf, Rear Parcel$364.09
AI1X71103-TE0-A01 + Beam, Front Bumper Center (Upper)$23.17
AI1972160-TA5-A02ZA + Handle Assembly, L Inside *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$25.87
AI1U70600-TA0-A12ZB + Sunshade Assembly *YR327L* (Pearl Ivory)$188.91
AI1I65660-TA0-A01ZZ + Frame, L Rear$501.86
AI1O67410-TE0-A02ZZ + Hinge, R Front Door (Upper)$27.65
AI1672120-TA0-A02ZB + Handle Assembly, R Inside *NH597L* (Dark Atlas Gray)$52.87
AI1071130-TA5-A00ZZ + Beam, Front Bumper$179.15
AI1T70200-TA0-A11 + Glass Assembly, Roof$591.89
AI1Z71126-TA5-A00 + Molding, Front Grille$151.10
AI1V70450-TA0-A02 + Motor Assembly, Sunroof$216.28
AI1N67420-SDA-A01ZZ + Hinge, R Front Door (Lower)$17.03
AI1G65100-TA0-A01ZZ + Floor, Front$774.68
AI1C64300-TA5-325ZZ + Panel, R Rear Inside$1,737.20
AI1P68100-SYE-A90ZZ + Tailgate (DOT)$574.15
AI1Y71109-TA1-J01 + Clip, Self Hold$4.51
AI1271145-TA0-A00 + Base, Front License Plate$22.32
AI1F64330-TA5-A00ZZ + Wheelhouse, R Rear$234.35
AI1Q67960-SLA-H11ZZ + Hinge, L Rear Door (Lower)$33.90
AI1E64320-TE0-A01ZZ + Extension, R Rear Wheel Arch$60.75
AI1H65100-TE0-A02ZZ + Floor, Front$888.28
AI1R68500-TE0-A90ZZ + Lid, Trunk (DOT)$699.82
AI1572110-TA0-A02 + Latch Assembly, R Front Door Power$52.61
AI1872112-SDN-A03 + Set Lock, R Front Dr S$63.22
AI1772110-TE0-A12 + Latch Assembly, R Front Door Power$59.41
AI1L67111-S2A-335ZZ + Skin, R Front Door$281.87
AI1371530-TA5-A00ZZ + Beam, Rear Bumper$175.16
AI1M67410-SNE-A01ZZ + Hinge, R Front Door (Upper)$16.85
AI1W70450-TE0-A02 + Motor Assembly, Sunroof$216.28
AI1472120-TA0-A02ZA + Handle Assembly, R Inside *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$52.87
AI1B64320-TA0-315ZZ + Extension, R Rear Wheel Arch$167.61
AI1K67010-S2A-A93ZZ + Panel, R Front Door (DOT)$711.64