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A9 Slide Assembly, L Rear Bumper Corner, replace 84185-SA6-660 84185-SA6-660 for 1985 Honda ACCORD SEDAN, LX, SEI, STD, 4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed Manual

HondaSlide Assembly, L Rear Bumper Corner, 84185-SA6-661
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number:  84185-SA6-661
  • Part: Slide Assembly, L Rear Bumper Corner
  • Replaces: 84185-SA6-660
  • Price: $24.98

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
1985HondaACCORD SEDAN4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualLX, SEI, STD

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A9AA74115-T0A-A02 + Protector, R Front Wheel Arch$35.27
A9AD74810-T0A-A02 + Switch Assembly, Tailgate Opener$39.72
A9A118307-T0A-A03 + Muffler, Ex$345.65
A9AS82214-T0A-A01ZA + Strap, Rear Headrest *YR400L* (Sienna Beige)$6.47
A9AJ74604-T0G-A01 + Cover Assembly, R Middle Floor (Lower)$81.60
A9AX84101-T0A-A02ZA + Garnish Assembly, R Front Pillar *YR416L* (Max Ivory)$14.63
A9A952441-T0B-A03 + Spring, Rear$91.46
A9AU82612-T0A-A02 + Foot, L Rear Seat$409.00
A9AI76620-T0A-A02 + Blade, Windshield Wiper (650MM)$29.66
A9AO78800-SJC-A83 + Module, R Side Curt Ab$670.37
A9A648900-R7L-033 + Motor Assembly (Mitsuba)$226.77
A9A004815-T0G-A00ZC + Cover Set, L Trim *NH828L* (Side Airbag) (Urban Gray)$342.63
A9AT82220-T0A-A03 + Lock, R Rear Seat$83.37
A9AZ04811-T0G-A00ZC + Cover Set, R Trim *NH828L* (Side Airbag) (Urban Gray)$342.63
A9AV83161-T0A-A03ZC + Lining Assembly, L Cowl Side *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$10.50
A9AN77960-T0A-A11 + SRS Unit (Trw)$476.83
A9AG76255-T0A-A12 + Housing Set, L$15.37
A9AC74614-T0G-A01 + Cover Assembly, L Middle Floor (Lower)$81.60
A9AP79115-T0G-A01 + Core Sub-Assembly, Heater$92.22
A9AY84520-T0G-A01ZA + Lid Assembly, Cargo Floor *NH781L* (Mocha Gray)$193.48
A9A235855-S2A-505 + Bulb (14V 0.56W)$5.17
A9AF76258-T0A-A22 + Mirror Sub-Assembly, L Door (R.C.)(Heated)$237.81
A9AQ81526-T0A-L82 + Frame, L Front Seat$966.74
A9AE76203-T0A-C01 + Mirror Sub-Assembly, R (R1000) (Heated)$30.38
A9AH76630-T0A-A02 + Blade, Windshield Wiper (400MM)$22.45
A9AR82212-T0A-A02 + Foot, R Rear Seat$364.82
A9A546101-T0B-315 + Master Cylinder Set (Coo)$267.85
A9A852441-T0A-A02 + Spring, Rear$91.46
A9A751220-S84-305 + Joint, Front Ball (Lower) (Musashi)$25.42
A9AL77270-T0A-A02ZA + Panel Assembly, Escutcheon *NH683L* (Neutral Shine Silver)$25.63
A9A339542-T0A-A02 + Navigation Unit (Mitsubishi)$4,196.71
A9AM77900-T0A-A13 + Reel Assembly, Cable$31.91
A9AW83200-T0G-A51ZA + Lining Assembly, Roof *YR416L* (Sunroof) (Max Ivory)$462.28
A9A440441-R7L-010 + Flange, Companion$36.43
A9AB74440-T0A-A02 + Weatherstrip, Tailgate$63.13
A9AK77240-T0A-A01ZC + Visor Assembly, Center *NH781L* (Mocha Gray)$125.73
A9DA72335-T2F-A01 + Weatherstrip, R Front Door (Inner)$18.64
A9DD72710-T2A-A02 + Regulator Assembly, R Rear Door Power$266.25
A9D181526-T2F-A32 + Frame, L Front Seat$785.57
A9DS77960-T2A-A02 + SRS Unit (Continental)(Rewritable)$467.57
A9DJ74180-T2A-A01 + Bar, Front Tower$53.15
A9DX81143-T2F-A01ZA + Guide, Headrest *YR449L* (Cashmere Ivory)$9.76
A9D983280-T2F-A52ZA + Sun-visor Assembly, L *YR449L* (Mirror) (Cashmere Ivory)$78.82
A9DU81126-T2F-A42 + Frame, R Front Seat$669.74
A9DI74145-T2G-405 + Dumper Assembly, R Hood Opener (Coo)$52.42
A9DO77297-T2F-A02ZA + Panel Assembly, Console *NH863L* (Graphite Gun Metallic)$95.25
A9D682150-T2F-A42ZD + Seat-Back Assembly, R Rear Side *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$177.35
A9D081531-T2F-A52ZC + Cover, L Front Seat Cushion Trim *YR449L* (Leather) (Cashmere Ivory)$239.98
A9DT81121-T2F-A42ZB + Cover, R Front Seat-Back Trim *NH836L* (Leather) (Wisteria Light Gray)$392.04
A9DZ81521-T2F-A52ZC + Cover, L Front Seat-Back Trim *YR449L* (Leather) (Cashmere Ivory)$392.04
A9DV81140-T2F-A42ZA + Headrest Assembly, Front *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$148.49
A9DN77100-T2F-A00ZA + Panel, Instrument *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$580.03
A9DG73150-T2F-A01 + Molding, Front Windshield$15.96
A9DC72650-TK8-A12 + Latch Assembly, L Slide Door (Power)$219.36
A9DP77810-T2A-A81ZA + Module Assembly, Driver *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$819.68
A9DY81144-T2F-A01ZA + Guide, R Headrest Lock *YR449L* (Cashmere Ivory)$9.76
A9D281650-T2F-A52ZA + Switch Assembly, L Power Seat *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$160.44
A9DF73111-T2F-A11 + Glass Set, Front Windshield (Green)(AGC)$669.30
A9DQ77820-T2A-A71 + Module Assembly, Passenger$924.37
A9DE72750-TK8-A02 + Regulator Assembly, L Rear Door Power$112.21
A9DH73400-T2F-A00 + Glass Assembly, R Rear Door (Green)(Pgw)$187.72
A9DR77901-T2A-J01 + Sub-Wire, Cable Reel$22.14
A9D582180-T2F-A21ZA + Armrest Assembly, Rear Seat Center*YR449L* (Cashmere Ivory)$124.59
A9D883111-T2F-A11ZB + Lining Assembly, R Cowl Side *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$9.37
A9D782620-T2F-013 + Lock Assembly, L Rear Seat$13.50
A9DL74520-T2F-A00 + Cover Assembly, R Middle Floor (Lower)$33.90
A9D382121-T2F-A42ZC + Cover, Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$451.83
A9DM75450-T2A-A01 + Outlet Assembly, Rear Air$7.41
A9DW81140-T2F-A21ZB + Headrest Assembly, Front *NH836L* (Wisteria Light Gray)$88.49
A9D482140-T2F-A41ZD + Headrest Assembly, Rear *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$148.41
A9DB72640-S04-J01YV + Handle As*NH623M*$73.88
A9DK74219-T2F-A00 + Cowl Top Assembly (B)$103.01
A91A44310-S9A-305 + Joint, Inboard$362.10
A91D44310-SK7-J12 + Joint, Inboard$345.07
A91144732-S2A-921 + Cap Assembly, Aluminum Wheel Center$46.54
A91S44600-S5D-A00 + Hub Assembly, Front (14")$187.79
A91J44319-SA2-000 + Set-Ring (26X1.8)$3.36
A91X44732-SF1-933 + Cap Assembly, Aluminum$48.19
A91944733-SDA-A20 + Trim, Wheel (15")$34.13
A91U44732-S0X-A01 + Cap, Aluminum Wheel Center$12.77
A91I44327-SV4-305 + Band, Joint Boot (Double Rolled Band)$10.11
A91O44351-SM4-982 + Weight, Dynamic Damper (Hokushin)$32.68
A91644733-SE0-981 + Trim, R Wheel (14") (Cape Silver Metallic)$35.88
A91044732-SX0-J01 + Cap, Aluminum Wheel Center$35.11
A91T44732-S3Y-010 + Cap, Aluminum Wheel Center$52.08
A91Z44732-SS0-A00 + Cap, Aluminum Wheel Center$39.40
A91V44732-S5P-A01 + Cap, Aluminum Wheel Center$11.72
A91N44333-SM1-A03 + Boot, Outboard (Nok)$18.65
A91G44315-SB2-003 + Boot, Inboard (Nok)$16.11
A91C44310-SE0-J20 + Joint, Inboard$293.08
A91P44500-SCV-A10 + Shaft Assembly, Half (AT)$307.25
A91Y44732-SM4-J02 + Cap Assembly, Wheel Trim Center *NH95MZ* (Blade Silver Metallic-Z)$50.37
A91244733-S01-A20 + Trim, Wheel (14")$42.90
A91F44315-SA5-003 + Boot B (For L Drive Shaft)$15.74
A91Q44600-S04-980 + Hub Assembly, Front$132.52
A91E44310-SNE-A22 + Joint, Inboard$146.52
A91H44315-SB2-961 + Boot, Inboard (Denso)$15.30
A91R44600-S87-A00 + Hub Assembly, Front$89.80
A91544733-S5D-A40 + Trim, Wheel (15")$40.32
A91844733-SH3-004 + Trim, Wheel (13") (Moriroku) (Blade Silver Metallic)$51.81
A91744733-SDA-A10 + Trim, Wheel (15")$32.12
A91L44327-SDA-A11 + Band B, Drive Shaft (Oetiker Limited)$3.53
A91344733-S01-A10 + Trim, Wheel (14")$41.42
A91M44327-SX0-C02 + Band, Outboard Boot (Nippon Hatsujo)$10.22
A91W44732-S9V-A23 + Cap, Wheel Center$59.28
A91444733-S01-A00 + Trim, Wheel (14")$50.95
A91B44310-SFA-J00 + Joint, Inboard$312.68
A91K44319-S84-300 + Set-Ring (28X2.0)$2.39